Guns'n'Monero: what boredom can achieve

Style somewhat yanked from

So this is a site for hosting and experimenting. This site is mostly empty for now except the monerovsxmr comics it hosts, but I'll try to fill it up

Useful tools

- I2P (invisible internet project) clearnet i2p

- Monero (anonymous and private electronic cash) clearnet onion

- SethForPrivacy (nice blog) clearnet onion

- eepstatus (collection of i2p sites) i2p

xmrvsmonero comics

These are comics I did out of boredom, hopefully neocities will be able to host them, the other person who made v4 will be called user2

- v1, OC version "J" version "D"

- v2, OC version "J" version "D"

- v3, OC version "J" version "D"

- v4, user2 version "J"

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